The ACDP will keep our society safe and will institute strict firearm control legislation.

Growth of criminality

The growth in criminality together with the influx of illegal arms is related to the State’s inability to impose its legitimate authority to protect the safety and security of its citizens.

The ACDP aims to reverse this inability and weakness.

We support a program to remove the circulation of illicit arms among civilians.

We will also promote a coordinated cross-border control system among the Southern African regions to stop illegal weapon smuggling.

We will keep our society safe and will institute strict firearm control legislation.

Law enforcement considerations

The ACDP believes that the prime task of the police services should be to maintain internal law and order and prevent crime.

We strongly support a policy of municipal and community policing, whereby a two-fold relationship exists between the members of the police and the community that it serves and protects.

We believe that provincial and local powers should be enhanced to facilitate effective police services.

We need to intensify and improve on our intelligence and information gathering and processing strategies.

A marked improvement in conviction rates must be guaranteed, and high priority should therefore be given to effective investigation methods that stand up in a court of law.

Furthermore, it will be necessary to intensify training and re-training throughout the service, instilling a respect for authority and duty.

Strict standards will be applied in recruiting top caliber personnel, thereby improving the image and standards of the service. An improvement in the conditions of service will also be necessary.

Where the safety and security of a community are threatened by questionable police activity, drastic measures will be taken such as redeploying or dismissing the entire contingent of personnel.

Policing is an essential service; therefore the right to strike must be waived. It is however essential, that respect for the profession and good labour relations practice are principles supported by the ACDP.

Strict codes of conduct and ethics will be mandatory requirements. Contravention of these or any obstruction of lawful behaviour will meet with immediate imprisonment or dismissal.

Investigations into organized crime, gangsterism, and high level fraud will be carried out using the expertise of successful operators world-wide.

Multilateral cooperation on the combating of organized crime across border territories will be priority to protect our national security.

Strict firearm control will be introduced. The smuggling of weapons and the possession of illegal weapons will meet with severe penalties and punishment. The ultimate sentence, the death penalty, will be applied where the motive is to destabilize a legitimately controlled country.

The ACDP will impose severe punishment on anyone found smuggling drugs or directly responsible for causing the sale of drugs. Those caught selling drugs on behalf of merchants will get life long sentences, with parole after 25 years.

The death penalty will also be imposed on those convicted of premeditated murder.

The safety and security of homeless and abused children is a priority for the ACDP as evidenced by the tabling of “The Children’s Commissioner Bill”, which will help by:

  – Improving communication between departments, scrutinizing legislation and    recommending new legislation for the protection and welfare of our children;

  – Setting up a register for sex offenders;

  – Eliminating child pornography and dealing with child prostitution rings;

  – Assisting children in court;

  – Fundraising for child welfare and other projects; and

  – Programs for the rehabilitation and reintegration of juveniles at risk.

The ACDP aims to ensure a safe and secure environment whereby all citizens can live in reasonable peace to engage in their social responsibilities