The ACDP has always acknowledged that there has been historical socio-economic injustice in South Africa around the question of land ownership, and our black population has been at the receiving end of forced dispossession. That is why the ACDP supports fair, legal and just reform and land redistribution.

This past weekend, the ACDP had a guest speaker Dr Tunde Bakare (the future President of Nigeria), who gave us his insight into the subject of expropriation of land without compensation.

Among other things, he said that for socioeconomic justice to be attained, land redistribution is inevitable. However, the Zimbabwean model is equally unjust, socially hazardous and economically unviable, even if politically appealing in the short term.

He continued to say, and I quote: “expropriation of land without compensation is an aberration under international law. The property, even of an alien, cannot be taken for public use without adequate compensation. This is in line with natural justice and takes into consideration the fact that the current owners have added value to the land in the form of investments.

Resolving this matter requires inclusive policies such as those that helped create a post-Apartheid South African nation under the leadership of Nelson Mandela; hence, nationhood must be the overriding objective.

The state must champion a pragmatic land redistribution drive guided by the principles of equity and justice (close quote)."

The ACDP will therefore not support this motion before us, because we believe that the expropriation of land without compensation is another forced takeover of land which involves paying evil with evil. Honourable members, two wrongs do not make a right. The fact that they Apartheid government forcefully disposed black people of their land does not justify the democratic government repeating the same evil.

Expropriation of land without compensation has historically destabilised economies as it destroys investor confidence and scares foreign investors.

The ACDP will not place ownership of land into the hands of the State, which would then lease it to citizens. True economic freedom and productivity is guaranteed more by innovation, industry and productivity, rather than by radicalism and rebellion.

The ACDP calls on all parties in this House to help build one nation under the Almighty God who desires that the profit of the land be for all its people, regardless of one’s colour, gender or creed.

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY DEBATE: "Draft Resolution (Mr J S Malema): Expropriation of land without compensation"
27 February 2018

WATCH: Rev Kenneth Meshoe debates motion on land expropriation without compensation