ACDP MP and Member of Social Development Portfolio Committee, Cheryllyn Dudley, continues to receive angry messages from pensioners and disabled people who still have not received their pensions and benefits.

The South African Social Services Agency (SASSA) said they are experiencing problems with the electronic payment of social grants, caused as a result of the process of changing from the old to the new payment system. SASSA requested beneficiaries give themselves at least 3 days to withdraw their grants but pensioners are desperate.

Dudley says that, “Many who receive payouts rely on their payments to the last penny and now have no money to pay rent or buy food.  Even traveling to withdraw money is costly for them. The ACDP is very concerned with their plight and the distress caused.

“There is a detailed plan for execution, resource requirements, critical milestones and communication strategy for this crossover including a commitment to draw additional capacity from other organs of state if required. The problems should have been speedily dealt with.

“The ACDP calls on Treasury and the Inter Ministerial Team to urgently investigate why the promised additional capacity from other organs of state has either not been actioned or is just not adequate for the task at hand.  An urgent response is required to ensure people receive the money that they should have received. The situation is placing vulnerable people at increased risk as borrowing money incurs interest and very little money is then left for living expenses.”

Dudley added that, “Despite increased efforts by SASSA to communicate, most affected people have no idea what is going on. The ACDP calls on the department to communicate via SMS with individual clients as messages on Facebook and Twitter are not reaching most affected persons”.

7 July 2018