Our Legacy

Our Vision

The African Christian Democratic Party brings to South Africa hope for a strong, healthy prosperous and purpose-driven nation. It is a political party standing for Christian Democratic principles and recognises that vibrant, healthy families are the building blocks of a strong, value-based society. The ACDP stands for a ‘shared future’ and is determined to provide reliable, trustworthy leaders who are passionate about addressing the needs and improving the lives of all South Africans. We value unity and diversity and are committed to protecting freedom of religion and family integrity.

The ACDP is your hope for a great future!

Our History

The need for a credible alternative to the divisive politics of the past, prompted Christians from diverse backgrounds to launch a new political party in December 1993 and so the African Christian Democratic Party was established exactly a hundred days prior to South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994.

With the concept of multi-party democracy in the air, Christians from all over South Africa recognised the need for a party that would not only represent Bible-believing Christians, but also those who have a high regard for moral values.

The ACDP has taken as its platform the biblical standard of reconciliation, justice, compassion, tolerance, peace and the sanctity of life, the individual, the family and community. It proposes to direct the political debate towards these issues and to unite people around these common values, instead of focusing on ideological, historical and racial differences.

During that first election in 1994, the ACDP surprised many people by securing two seats in National Government and three in Provincial Government.

Being the smallest of the seven parties represented at National Parliament, the ACDP was the only party to vote against the adoption of the South African Constitution in 1996. While the ACDP supported many of the precepts contained in the new Constitution, they believed that parts of the Constitution was  in conflict with Christian Principles for a number of reasons: For example:

  • In its Preamble, the phrase “In Humble Submission to Almighty God”� was replaced with “In God We Trust”.� Thus, there was no recognition that our country should be in submission to God.
  • Reproductive Rights clauses led to the legalisation of abortion-on-demand.
  • The clause relating to sexual orientation gave special rights to LGBTI groups that are not afforded to other citizens. This led to legalisation of same-sex marriage.

To date, the greatest growth the ACDP ever experienced was with the 2000 Local Government Elections where we saw an increase in our representation from seven councillors to more than 70 across South Africa.

ACDP Campaign Slogans

1994 General Election: Protect your family’s future!

1995 Local Government Election: Protect your family’s future!

1999 General Election: Bringing Order to the Nation

2000 Local Government Election: Real Hope, Real Care

2004 General Election: Real Hope for the Nation

2009 General Election: New Heart, New Nation

2011 Local Government Election: Let’s Fix This!

2014 General Election: Your Hope for a Great Future!

2016 Local Government Election: STAND — Let’s Make a Difference!

Download Campaign Manifestos

2009 ACDP Manifesto
2011 ACDP Manifesto
2014 ACDP Manifesto
2016 ACDP Manifesto


Christian Democracy 

The ACDP is focused on becoming part of a legacy of Christian Democrats. Throughout history, in many countries, Christian Democrats have been instrumental in establishing democratic principles and prosperity.

There are many examples. William Wilberforce, a British MP, campaigned for years in order to end slavery in response to his Godly belief in the equality of man. The Christian Quaker Business Movement were instrumental in reforming labour conditions and seeded many of the changes in labour laws that resulted in rights for workers. These changes included paid leave, health and safety in the workplace, decent accommodation and banning child labour. In Germany after the second World War, the Protestants and Catholics united to form the Christian Democratic Union to reverse Nazi ideology and rebuild a broken country.

“All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing”
—Edmund Burke, Irish Statesman and MP.

Politics are a classic example where in recent times, the absence of men committed to Godly principles and integrity has really allowed evil to flourish. In politics, significant decisions affecting the quality of life of every person are made. Although there are Christians in every political party, when it comes to voting for legislation, you can’t tell a Christian MP in a party from any other MP in that party because party discipline requires them to vote ‘as one’ irrespective of their personal beliefs. The same is true for a person of any religion. This is why the ACDP is not only a party for Christians, but we believe that the Godly principles for which we stand are common to the majority of South Africans irrespective of their individual religious belief. The ACDP also stands strongly for freedom of religion.

The ACDP is one of the few parties with a true representation of all South Africans from the rainbow nation. Our representatives in Parliament, Legislatures and Councils, as well as the leadership of our party represent different race groups and cultures from within South Africa. Instead of using fear tactics along racial lines that relate to issues of the past, our voters are encouraged to vote for us based on our principles, our proven record in fighting corruption and tackling issues, as well as our sound policies on economics, justice, social development and rural upliftment. A study by the Human Sciences Research Council  (HSRC) showed the demographics of our support to be 50% black, 18% white and coloured and 12% Asian.

Our Logo

Our logo represents a Party centered on Biblical principles.

The two arrows from left and right symbolically point South Africans from the right and left of race, politics, ideology, Church affiliation, religious affiliation, language, tribe and culture towards the Cross of Jesus Christ in reconciliation and unity with God Almighty and with one another.

The red border signifies the Blood of Jesus Christ which surrounds and protects our Party and the people of South Africa, as we submit ourselves to God.

Founding Statement 

The Party believes that South Africa is a nation under the Almighty God.

The Party represents:

  • A fresh start for a new South Africa. It is a party uncontaminated by the past;
  • A multiracial leadership emanating from diverse political backgrounds, united behind common principles to bring hope to the nation;
  • A genuine federal framework of government with original constitutional powers at the lowest possible level;
  • Development through the empowerment of grassroots communities and the individual;
  • Christian values and norms; the proper foundation for personal freedom, national unity, reconciliation, justice, peace and security;
  • A determination to address the critical issues such as poverty, security, the economy, housing, education, health care, and land ownership, etc. based on proven successful policies;
  • A vibrant open market economy, creating opportunities for all to prosper.

The Party stands for Christian principles, freedom of religion, an open market economy, family values, community empowerment and human rights in a federal system.


We believe there is one Creator God, eternally existent in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

We believe the Holy Bible to be the inspired, inerrant written word of God and the final authority above all Man’s laws and government.

We believe civil government is under the authority of God.

We believe that biblical principles provide the proper foundations for civil government’s role to ensure personal freedom, family values, justice, peace, security, national unity and reconciliation for the nation and its citizens.

Aim of the Party

The aim of the Party is:

  • To promote, uphold and defend Christian family values;
  • To provide strong Christian leadership and to defend, promote and uphold Biblical principles in legislation;
  • To contend for, and attain the leadership of the government of the Republic of South Africa through the continuing democratic process;
  • To participate in the political arena and government in South Africa with a policy based on the principles set out in clause 3 ;
  • To strive for the development of a broad front for peaceful co-operation, relations, joint- strategies and alliances with organisations which, and persons who are pursuing similar objectives.

Download the ACDP Constitution