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Our goal is to reach 1,500,000 votes.

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Jaco van As
Dudley Graham
Nawaal Dirks
Gert Theron
Reginald Swiegelaar
Melanie Meyer
Zona Mathys
Brian Joseph
Rea Nalan
Frankie Sequeira
Joy Dikgale
Marcus Haupt
Diane Smith-Adams
Norman Doyle
Anoushka Stölpe
Mark Storrier
Kevin Meyer
Charmaine van Rooyen
Sybrand E. Smit
Bertram Blankenberg
Lynette Gerber
Carole Dobson
Jonathan Kerr
Gillian Adonis
Abigail Jelander
Brandon Isaacs
Clinton Bendall
Lee-Ann Langeveldt
Regan Dreyden
Daniel Wright
250,000 Pledged Votes

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