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Our goal is to reach 1,500,000 votes.

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Teresa Poverello
Shaun Hathrill
Anisha Pravda
Vida Plaatjjies
Tammy Williams
Zelbia Kathleen Gallant
Julie Dempers
Mieki Luff-Botha
Chris Avenant
Dina-leigh Hansen
Eberhard Wilhelm Fröhlich
Anastacia Frantz
Sarda Phillips
Shinay Jacobs
Josh Swart
Josh Swart
M-J Meyer
Emil Swanepoel
Irmadel Loubser
Catharina Laurens
Irene Stander
Roger Elliott
Adrienne Fredericks
Clayton Rose
Vic Hodoul
Virna Sylvester
250,000 Pledged Votes

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