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Our goal is to reach 1,500,000 votes.

Who's pledging

Gladwyn Lindemann
Lee Anne Carolus - Marcus
Zelda Van der Merwe
Ilse Maree
Jennifer Woolliscroft
Ashkey Johnson
Roxanne Rabie
Dee Swan
Dee Swan
Dee Swan
Marie Kirsten
Daniel Charles De Vries
Bertus Geustyn
Gert Niehaus
Stephan Daiber
Wilton Plaatjies
William Kirsten
Victor Sabbe
Marlyn Adriaanse
Cecil Atherstone
Donald Seeley
Donald Seeley
Donald Seeley
Louis du Preez
Johan du Toit
Jeanette Gouws
Angelique Adams
Motsoari Mohlamme
Dalene Arnold
250,000 Pledged Votes

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