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Our goal is to reach 1,500,000 votes.

Who's pledging

Chantel Odendaal
Henry van Rooyen
Paula Steenkamp
Tandy Oschadleus
Philip Van Heerden
Malcolm Wade
Tazmin Cupido
Rina Otto
Jacqueline Louw
Miguel Fialho
Debbie Wilson
Virginia Porter
Johann Struwig
Gladys Strydom
Russell Herbert
Amy Tobias
Ken Kelly
Carol Edith Gore
Audri Du Preez
Allan Meiring
Mandi Lamb
madelyn sherwood
Virginia Porter
Donald Khoza
Jacobus Senekal
Kgotlelelo Promise Monakhisi
Engela Sadie
Cedric Pillay
Chanel Porter
Wynand van Heerden
250,000 Pledged Votes

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