Raymond Tlaeli

Mokhethi Raymond Tlaeli is an educator by profession and holds the following qualifications: JSTC, SED, Further Diploma in Education Development, Management and Administration and BA Degree (Education & Psychology). During his youth, he played a leadership role as a Matric student during the 1976 student uprisings.

After working in the Gauteng Education Department for a number of years, Raymond decided to pursue politics and joined the ACDP in 1995. He strongly believes that the ACDP is the only political party that can bring about the establishment of Godly Governance in South Africa.

Raymond has served as a Branch and Regional Chairman, the Deputy Chairman of the Gauteng Provincial Committee, the Provincial Chairman of the Gauteng Provincial Executive Council and presently holds the position of ACDP Secretary General on our National Executive Committee.

He is mainly involved with the administration, structural development, capacity building and general day-to-day management issues of the Party. He also represents the ACDP on the IEC National Party Liaison Committee (NPLC) and served as the Presiding Officer during the 1994 Local Government Elections.

Telephone: 011 8693941

Email: office@acdp.org.za