The ACDP welcomes the release of official statistics concerning farm murders and farm attacks in South Africa by the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, and the Police Commissioner, General Sithole.

ACDP Member of Parliament Cheryllyn Dudley today said that “it is my understanding that there is general acceptance that these latest statistics closely match other estimates and are being accepted as an accurate reflection of the situation”.

According to a written response to a question by the FF+, attacks increased last year (2017/18) to a total of 561, whilst there was a decrease in attacks over the previous three years. The figures show that over the last six years since 2012, there were 3059 attacks altogether - on average, that is 509,8 per year in which 338 people were killed (56,3 per year on average).

Most farm attacks according to this report, took place in the North West province (722 attacks) and Gauteng (644 attacks).  The province with the highest number of farm murders during this time, however, is Gauteng (69 murders) and then the North West and KwaZulu-Natal (61 murders each).

“The ACDP agrees that it is unfortunate that these statistics were not made available before now as this has caused much anxiety and has caused many South Africans to feel abandoned in their distress.  Relevant action including protection and preventative measures will now have a better chance of success as statistics on farm attacks and murders released by the government will confirm or place in perspective the statistics of other institutions.

“The ACDP commends this new administration on correcting this serious oversight and calls on government to follow this exercise with solid action and implementation plans including awareness campaigns that will instill confidence and help a section of our society who have felt neglected and marginalised, play a more positive role in striving for greater equality and building a peaceful, prosperous nation”, Dudley added.

7 May 2018

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