“On behalf of the ACDP I would like to thank the Health Portfolio Committee for considering the Choice of Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Bill concerning a topic which is clearly difficult and unpleasant for many of you. I assure you we share similar sentiments and feel your pain. 

I would especially like to thank those members who felt they would have liked the committee to apply their minds further with a view to addressing what could feasibly have been addressed such as terminating viable babies in the third trimester simply because there is a risk of injury. We accept, however, the committee’s decision recognising that, “at this stage,”  the bill is not desirable.

As this is a subject of great public interest and a precedent has been set in this regard, I would like to request that the Motion of Desirability be debated in the House. Being able to openly discuss these painful issues helps all South Africans feel they are part of nation-building and not marginalised or ignored.

To my constituents, I promise that if I am back in Parliament after the 2019 election, I will continue these efforts to better protect moms and their babies in times of crisis.  We continue to learn much, we have touched hearts and given many who are defensive greater confidence to apply their minds: not close them. The media have bravely aired the issue and a more positive country debate has been started. I am grateful to God for this opportunity and to once again see his hand in all we do. Thank you Jesus.”

9 May 2018

WATCH: CTOP Amendment Bill allows for an informed choice