ACDP Member of Parliament Cheryllyn Dudley today responded to suggestions that DNA testing will be required to be eligible for paternity leave.

Dudley says that, “Once a man takes on the responsibility of being the father of a child by putting his name on the birth certificate, this should be respected and I think, our Constitutional Court would rule against a requirement for DNA testing. Perhaps a signature of the father at the time of registration indicating he accepts responsibility regardless of DNA could be considered.

Regulations on this bill are going to prove tricky as the department itself may be inclined to want to make the legislation seem unworkable. This is unacceptable and minds must urgently be applied and workable regulations put in place speedily. Members of Parliament must take responsibility themselves for seeing workable regulations are in place and that this is not used as a delaying tactic.

Workers in South Africa are no longer prepared to sacrifice their families while pulling their weight to keep South Africa working. Strong families and being productive go hand in hand. They are no longer going to accept having to choose.

Dudley was responding to an article on on 24 January 2018 entitled, “Is This Really My Child? DNA Testing In South Africa.

25 January 2018

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