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ACDP encouraged by renewed focus on escalating statistics of rape and kidnapping of children

ACDP MP and member of the Portfolio Committee on Social Development, Cheryllyn Dudley, at briefings yesterday on the interventions taken to deal with the escalating statistics of rape and kidnapping of children asked the Department of Social Development, the South African Human Rights Commission, and the Commission for Gender Equality and the Committee to “investigate what part legislation is playing in causing statutory rape to be condoned by all who should be exposing it and protecting our young people.  We have a situation where an abuser can take a 12-year-old for an abortion and no questions are asked”.

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In South Africa, human dignity is for sale

The right to human dignity is arguably the most important and fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution. It is the one right that logically precedes and sustains all other human rights. It is one of the founding values of our democracy and constitutional order and it infuses and permeates the whole of our social and legal order.

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