The ACDP wishes all Christians a blessed and peaceful Easter weekend.

As we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ over this coming weekend, let us remember that it was greatest demonstration of God's love for us.

When Jesus Christ, who had no sin became sin for us, when he was crucified on the cross, it made him to stand apart from all other prominent religious and political leaders, because there is no other leader who loved his followers to the extent where he laid down his life for them.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ has given the world irrefutable proof that he was really the Son of God, and that he conquered death once and for all.

We wish all South Africans a peaceful weekend and pray that they arrive safely at their destinations. We also pray for Christians all over the world who will be celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that they may arrive at their places of worship safely and without any unfortunate incidences.

God Bless You.

29 March 2018