The Ad Hoc Committee of Parliament inquiring into the intervention in the North West Provincial Government in terms of section 100 of the Constitution was briefed by National Treasury, Auditor-General, Premier of the North West province and the MECs of the six departments under administration on the fiscal position and governance and financial management of the province.

ACDP Member of Parliament Cheryllyn Dudley today said that, “The handling of public finances in the North West province is a great shame and sadly the people of the North West are the ones who suffer the consequences. The ACDP shares concerns that the Office of the Premier was able to centralise services that should be performed by provincial departments without being called on it, instead of doing its job of monitoring and evaluating what it was implementing.

The ACDP acknowledges the committee’s observation that “a lack of consequence management for irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure, particularly in the five departments that are currently under section 100 (1) (b) intervention, through-out the years which has led to the escalation of incidents of irregular expenditure and fruitless and wasteful expenditure.”

The ACDP calls on portfolio committees in all provincial legislatures, councillors in the municipal councils, and the portfolio and select committees of Parliament to strengthen their oversight in line with lessons learned from this unacceptable situation.

As the committee has said, “there should be focused political will and commitment in monitoring and oversight and the provincial leadership should take responsibility and create a culture in which accountability can be restored and strengthened in the province.”

The ACDP appreciates the positive approach of the new Premier in the province which was also detected in the presentations. This we expect, will assist the committee in its task of monitoring the intervention on a regular basis.”

28 June 2018